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  • responsive web design. computer electronics

    RWD - adjusting to mobile phones and tablets

    The most convenient way is to use Bootstrap library ( With it, the website is divided into 12 blocks, which create columns col. The division is made depending on the device on which the website is displayed

  • Web Development flat design illustration, Creative banner with laptop and computer screen showing app coding and programming.

    HTML5 - a website framework

    I start with creating a website structure using HTML5 code. We prepare the headline, logo, menu, footer and we displace content blocks, lists, charts, links and pictures. We apply styles for a matching appearance, implement additional fonts, as well as scripts for dynamic interaction with the user. <!DOCTYPE html> Setting the website’s language as polish (pl-PL). <HTML lang="pl-PL" xmlns:og="" xmlns:fb="https://www.facebook


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