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Positioning is a method to go up in Google search results under specific keywords. Most often, it is charged for achieving a given position of the website for specific phrases, or with a fixed monthly rate. Depending on the popularity of selected phrases, the results of positioning sometimes can be seen right away, and sometimes you have to wait a bit. However, the high position of the website in search results doesn’t always come with a high number of visits / new clients. The number of Google searches in each month can be monitored with the use of the Keyword Planner. On the basis of this information, you can estimate the number of clicks depending on the position with a given phrase:

position number of clicks
1-3 52%
4-6 13%
7-10 6,5%

More complex phrases have a very good ratio of the number of views to the positioning price, whereas with simpler phrases, under 1000, it is more efficient to use Google Adwords.

Work stages:

1. Optimizing and securing the website

What is most essential for positioning is the fast and proper operation of the website, good hosting, an article: Optimization and security / CMS WordPress.

2. Optimization for search engines and social networks

Appropriate adjustment of the website to the positioned phrases is the second most important element, which should be done at the beginning of positioning process, an article: Optimization for search engines and social networks.

3. Registering in company catalogues

Most useful links, article Effective internet advertisement.

4. Automatic cataloguing

Publiker is a popular tool used in positioning websites. Its proper configuration is crucial, because improper use can do more harm than good. The website should be added only to the catalogues in the positioned language. Apart from that, the built-in catalogues should be expanded with your own ones, consisting of thematic blogs and boards with most popular topics. The quality of catalogues can be established on the basis of the position in Google search or Alexa Rank.

5. Automatic linking

Statlink is a paid system of static link exchange, where purchased points can be exchanged for website links.

6. Manual cataloguing

This task is the most time consuming, however it must be performed in order to achieve good quality links to the website.

7. Monitoring the website

Temporary disruptions in the website’s operation have a very negative impact on positioning. Google search qualifies non-functioning or slow websites as not very attractive.

8. Monitoring the position

The website is tested with each phrase on a daily basis, so that the results of our work can be verified quick and easy.


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