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    RWD - adjusting to mobile phones and tablets

    The most convenient way is to use Bootstrap library ( With it, the website is divided into 12 blocks, which create columns col. The division is made depending on the device on which the website is displayed

  • Coding and programming mobile applications for devices. Design and programming. Responsive web design and optimization

    CSS3 - appearance design and animations on a website

    Having created a website framework, it is possible to prepare a graphic design and animations with the use of CSS3 styles. First, the default style values need to be set in order to ensure proper functioning on popular web browsers

  • standardy-projektowania-stron-internetowych

    Standards in programming websites

    I. HTML5 Utilized to create structures of websites and placing content. Many elements have been added to the latest version: tags for content management: header, nav, section, article, aside, figure, figcaption, video, audio, time, footer, field types: number, tel, email, url, search, datetime, date, attributes of form elements, api elements, DOM methods. For compatibility with older web browsers, it is necessary to include the library: HTML5 Shiv ( II


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