Tutorial / CMS WordPress




  • Menu, adding, deleting and editing menu items,

    - if you want to change the order of items, use drag and drop method,
    - to give an item a new name, expand the window using an arrow on the right and edit the data in Navigation Label,


strony strony-dodaj-nowa


  • Pages, Add New, list, adding, deleting and editing new pages,

    - if the page has a designed look that is different from standard one, such as gallery or table, you can set it using Page attributes Template,
    - to set a subpage, in Page attributes window select Parent item,
    - if you want to change the order of pages, you should enter a number in the Page attributes window, in Order box,
    - you can add pictures to the website gallery using Featured Image,



  • Posts, Add New, list, adding, deleting and editing new posts,

    - to set a category, choose one in Categories tab,
    - you can add pictures to the post gallery using Featured Image tab,

  • Categories, list, adding, deleting and editing blog posts categories,
  • Tags, list, adding, deleting and editing blog posts tags,




  • Library, Add New, list, adding, deleting and editing images,

    - please don’t forget to set the title and image alternative text,
    - if the image should display in a custom field, you should add it to the right category,
    - if the custom field supports links, you should enter the website address in Label field,
    - to change the order of images, set their priority in Order field,




  • Archive, Send e-mail, list, editing, deleting and sending messages,

    - if you want the news to look the same in most services and email clients, we recommend using tables. Please remember to always send a test message first,
    - you can define the addressee using E-mail, Name or Group fields ( active users are those, who confirmed their e-mail address ),
    - you can add images to the message using Send/insert, if you want to use the same image again, use Media Library tab, this module enables you to align image, change size, framing and set vertical and horizontal spacing,
    - to set a different graphic and text form of an email, use Plain text field,
    - if you want to send a message on a specified date, edit Send immediately field,
    - users who purchased more graphic forms can change them using Template option,

  • All Users, managing email addresses of clients who signed up for newsletter,

    - pending, unverified e-mail addresses,
    - active, registered users,
    - inactive, people who resigned,

  • Mailing list, list, adding, deleting and editing groups of users,


uzytkownicy uzytkownicy-dodaj-nowego



  • Users, managing data and access rights to administration panel,
  • Add New, creating accounts for new users,
  • Your profile, changing data and password of logged user,



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